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Luminis Mobile App

Submitted by jsmclean on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 10:21

Has anyone been able to create a Mobile App for students so they can check their grades and other important links?

Luminis Version:




I commented on Ellucian Ecommunities about responsiveness.

But specifically about a true app, we did buy and setup Ellucian Mobile. It was just OK in my opinion. Later versions of it did include direct Banner integration for things like registration/grades.

But for us, it just wasn't as clean an experience as we could deliver with our own responsive code. Making self-service fairly responsive as well, means that 90+% of the content fits on phones, and keeping the code light and simple means it works well.

And if we want to build in features that take advantage of the phone itself, we can use javascript hardware api's or libraries like phonegap -