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Demo Accounts

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/28/2007 - 13:07

At Summit 07 Developers Lounge we discussed (and I was reminded [thanks]) that we need a central area for developers to post demo logins. We're all inspired by each others successes (and failures). Please feel free to post to this thread your college / portal url and any demo credentials you may have. If you have a dev box that you want is to see - you can post that here as well.

- Jon


I had them send me the documentation and I would be happy to share. Its not specific to the portal but a starting point. I am working on creating this connector within the next couple weeks and would be happy to share when its complete. Anyone else already have this done? I should note that I am connecting with ExchangeLabs not Hotmail.

I started to post some account info here but then realized that you can see it without loging into LDN. To avoid being exiled by my security group, please email me if you would like a demo account for our portal. Sorry to make it a pain.

-- Jason Wearley
-- Kent State University

We've taken down that project website, here's the sites that have demo accounts from the page above: (click demo links) (guest/guest) (wsuguest/warrior) (lmcstudent/lmc) (neustudent/husky) (sct_student/student107, sct_faculty/faculty_107) (click guest sign in)

Due to an extended leave of absence, the test account at York College will be disabled. Sorry for those who have not yet seen it!


Please contact me at ksmith8 at ycp dot edu for the demo account to our Luminis 4.1 Test System.
You can also instant message me: alacer.cogitatus with GTalk.


Draggable Channels
Draggable Tabs
Dynamic Tab Operations
Dynamic Channel Addition
among others :D

I want to implement this type of functionality on my PORTAL!!  is there a how to / know to?


 Which functionality?  Their guest login?  If so, put this in util.js or any javascript that your login page has access to:

function GuestLogin() {
	$('user').value = 'yourguestaccount';
	$('pass').value = 'yourguestpassword';
And in the body of your login page the link: <a href="javascript:GuestLogin();">Guest Login</a>


They are using the js library protoaculous.1.8.1.min.js, so you'd need to change the syntax of the function to suit your js library (if you use one.). If you don't use a js library, what $('user') is doing, is saying "the element on the page with the ID of "user" should equal this value.  The element on the page with the ID of "user" is the username field of the login form.  So you'd need to refer to that form field like document.form.user.value='yourguestaccount' (I think I got that right, beeen a while since I used plain js).

I am very impressed by the "customize your portal", is it a TCC? and the ability to "Add channel" by clicking the link.  Also, the channel drag and drop template. 

Do you mind sharing how these can be achieve?