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LDN Posting Guidelines - FAQ

I've gotten some wonderful emails about the site and a few of them have asked some valid questions. They range from posting copyrighted material, how far can you customize and still be supported by tech support, and questions about being sued.

How much customization can I do before I void my 'warranty' ?

"Regarding support of modifications. We will obviously support any modifications made to the system as documented within the development kits. For example, if someone creates a method call to the TA API, we agree to support that interface through any upgrade or system modification we may make in the future. Or as channels are written per the CDK, we agree not to modify any underlying dependencies those new channels may have, etc."
-Ben Gardner / CP Support

Will tech support debug my mods ?

As for the support policy, we'll [CP Support] make every attempt to troubleshoot an issue, but if it's found to be directly related to a local customization we won't always be in a position to assist. For example, if some users can't get the custom print button to work for a particular browsers, we're not a position where we can troubleshoot, but if there's a problem with other functionality on that page we'll certainly look into it.

We'll do our best to support customizations any institution makes to their site, with the understanding that some modifications are not baseline and in order to get them to work properly will in some cases result in not being able to support them. Inevitably, some customizations are impacted by patch upgrades and/or applying hot fixes, in which case we ask schools to back up their customization, perform the maintenance, and put changes back in.
-Ben Gardner / CP Support

Can I remove the SCT Logo ?
Regarding trademarks, Luminis and SCT trademarks can be moved/removed from various pages but cannot in any way be modified (this refers to logos and images)
-Ben Gardner / CP Support

Can I modify Luminis Code / Templates ?

For modified Luminis code or Luminis templates, we don't have a formal position, but if it's made in the context of using the Luminis portal and not re-distributed by schools or individuals for sale, I don't see an issue, but would *definitely* urge people to first review their Luminis contracts for any stipulations that may be there.
-Ben Gardner / CP Support

Can I post copyighted material on the site ?

As a gut reaction, I'd say its a no-no. However, there's an exception to that. If you add value to a copyrighted document, give credits, source etc, with your comments, and state plainly that it was originally posted somewhere else and you added to it, I think this is fine. Simply reposting some document you scavenged from a consultant and reposting it is bad.

Will I get sued for something I post ?

Flat out, No. I've done sites like this in the past and the first course of action, unlike the music industry, is a phone call to me from Legal requesting the removal of the offending content. With that said, you may be able to get sued over slander or something stupid like that if you sling a particular company. If you must dimish an organization to mush , use documented facts, and no personal opinion.