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Why is your institution not yet on Luminis 5?

Submitted by ToddTrann on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 17:36
We are happy and stable on Luminis 4
11% (10 votes)
We are going to 5, just not quite there yet
23% (20 votes)
We *are* on Luminis 5 you insensitive clod
3% (3 votes)
We ran into problems moving to Luminis 5
7% (6 votes)
We don't have a good reason to upgrade yet
8% (7 votes)
Not enough resources to make it happen
17% (15 votes)
Waiting for version 5.1 to be released
16% (14 votes)
Other - see comments
14% (12 votes)
Total votes: 87


Most of the above... and, vainly waiting for the windows version... ;-) But mostly happy and stable on 4.

No windows version means finding resources we hadn't planned on.

The the main reason we have not considered going to Luminis 5 is that it
does not yet have all of the features we use in Luminis 4.


1) GCF
2) Fine grained targeting of TCCs (and TAs)
3) Group Studio

I could have voted: "We are happy and UN-stable on Luminis 4"
or "We don't have a good reason to upgrade yet"
and most certainly "Not enough resources to make it happen"

University of Leeds, UK

A bit of what I just learned at Summit, and a bit of other info:

1) GCF is available as of Luminis 5.0.3, and apparently will be improved in 5.0.4. This was recent news to me, heard during this session:
--> Summit 2012, session 1493

2) FIne grained targeting is done in Luminis 5 through use of "dynamic groups", and apparently working now for both TCCs and TAs:
--> Summit 2012, session 1240

3) There are no course tools, but as far as community groups I've seen this called "Communities" in Lumins 5: (seek to 21:50 in that webex video) I talked with a couple schools that were live on Luminis 5 at Summit, however neither of them were using Communities yet, so I have no anecdotal evidence on how well they work.

The replacement of community groups in Luminis 4 with something else is the thing that's currently holding us back, too. We're going to take a look at Luminis 5 communities this summer, as well as Blackboard 9 organizations.


Although these Summit things are potentially good news, from what I
have seen (for example at the European Luminis User Group)...

2) Dynamic groups must be set up for every type of thing being targeted. Although
the boolean logic part of Luminis 4 is poor in its implementation, all of the Course
groups, Role groups, Group Studio groups, and personDirectory attributes are
immediately available.

Also, can set up sections and lots of things within TCCs. This is not there yet in


Yes, I agree, need to go for an actual test drive and see how the new features work. Case in point: we were so appalled by the crappy boolean logic audience builder in the Luminis 4 Targeted Announcements that we built our own TA system - and that was after hearing about how great it was going to be.

I'm still optimistic for Luminis 5, because some of the hugely strange things in Luminis 4 were a by-product of being built on uPortal. I'm also a lot more interested in Luminis 5 after talking with some of their developers at Summit. It's no longer just the marketing people that are excited, it's the developers too, and that's a good sign.

After we test drive Luminis 5 this summer, I'm sure I'll be starting up some more discussions like this :)


Full feature set that we use in L4 is not quite there yet in L5 (to my knowledge). Also, we want to wait for some of the initial buggy areas to be worked out. We are waiting for 5.2 or higher.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Same here, we keep hearing, even from Sungard or Ellucian, that we should wait on Lum 5 for it to be more complete and stable.

We are waiting for the migration process to become stable. I know at least one school has had success with migrating, but we are still encountering errors.

We just installed our TEST instance of Luminis 5 and will not be in a hurry to move to Luminis 5 since Smart Notify and Password recovery via Alternate Email do not exist and they are not even on the road map. I am not sure why they have left out these functions that worked great in Luminis 4 out of Luminis 5.

I realised that I had mis-read an aspect of Todd's posting once I started typing :-)

Has anyone looked at uPortal 4 and its feature set?

To me, this seems like a richer platform that Luminis 5 and is not as odd as
Luminis 4 (built on uP 2.6.ish and the com.sct/pipeline extensions roughly
from LP3)

We would really love to hear about the test drive of Luminis 5, and from
anyone who has test driven uP 4 or intends to do so.

We would also be interested in hearing more about the home grown TA
system - and whether the intention is to continue using it to populate next
generation Portal announcements? Is this something that we can crib/share
even though we are managing at the moment with LP4 TAs.

If anyone thinks it is worth opening a separate thread to discuss uP4 then
let me know (or start the thread:)

University of Leeds, UK


Have you looked further into uPortal 4? I need to do a major upgrade of our LPIV from 4.2 to 4.3 and wondering if I'm wasting time and energy moving to LP 4.3. Do you have any further info on uPortal 4 or is Leeds looking at another portal solution? Thanks!